Hello, uh, well, uh, this is, uh, well, sort of, well, Lindsay's webpage...

Hello, my name is Lindsay Spencer. I am a Year eight student in Auckland, New Zealand.
(In spanish that's Nueva Zelandia)This is me, Lindsay on vacation in Canada. I was trying to flap my wings! This is me, Lindsay, in our back yard in Jeddah
This is my first web page. I wrote this using my brother's web page as a starter.
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I used to live in Saudi Arabia and go to a Saudia school. Trust me, let's not go into that.

I have a lot of things to say... I'll do anything to make money, but this cow only made milk I'm able to leap tall cars with a single bound. My friend - John Kendrick says hello through the cat flap! My friend - John Kendrick again! Some people have no Idea what this is, But others will! I was skating on Tamaki Drive. My friend also has a lot to say, but I say it for him. Me'n Jesse in Jeddah. This is me, Lindsay water sliding in Canada This is me, Lindsay in Auckland, NZ

Well, you've seen the pictures, but you'll never know the real me.

Do you like music? I do. I can play the recorder, trumpet and piano, and have done a little on cornet, guitar, and the bongos. If you want to tell me what you can play, just write, Don't play. And when you do, tell me if you think Robbie Williams is a good singer, my brothers can't stop with him.

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Come and visit my Medain Saleh trip that my family and I did in 1999.

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Oh yeah, my favorite night, I go to my own idea of the best place to be... Rollerblaze, Saudi Arabia's premier in-line skating webpage!...just skating business